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as of 31-May-2020

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The SKCC Marathon Award

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To earn the Marathon Award, one must engage in 100 QSOs, each 60 minutes or longer, and each with a different SKCC member using SKCC qualified keying devices. There is no time limit to earn the award but only QSOs logged after 0000Z 1 January 2008 count.

Members who achieve the Marathon award will receive a special commemorative plaque or coin (yet to be decided) and a certificate suitable for framing.

Rationale: Create a true operating challenge that involves the fundamental ideals of ham radio as celebrated by SKCC: operating skill, a good station, conversation skill, and a consistent, quality fist. Create an award that cannot be achieved easily or quickly yet promotes quality content in every contact. The Marathon Award requires people to actually ragchew. Ragchews build camaraderie and long-term friendships. These are ideals worth working for.

The Marathon Award has been deliberately designed to be the most challenging achievement ever devised for Amateur Radio Operation. Ragchewing is an art. Anyone can send a brief exchange in a few seconds and move on. Engaging the other station in an extended, informative, and entertaining exchange for a lengthy period requires real skill, a quality station, and a creative mind. The intent of the Marathon Award is to recognize these rare and special talents with the highest level of ragchewing recognition ever created. Few will be able to earn this award.

Initial funding for this award and for its first two years has already been secured. Donations may be solicited in the future if needed.

Here's how it works:

1. Both parties to the QSO must send an email "QSL" to the award manager, Cecil Turquette, K5YQF, at showing the date, time, frequency band, both call signs, and duration of the QSO. When a member reaches 100 QSOs lasting 60 minute or longer in the database, he or she will qualify for the award. A suitable announcement will be published, the commemorative will be prepared, the certificate printed and everything mailed to the operator.

2. Participants must use straight keys, sideswipers (cooties), or bugs. See the club's policy on acceptable keys here.

Tracking Marathon Award Progress -- 100 QSOs needed

AwardCallsignSKCCNameClaimedConfirmedAwardedLast Update
1K5YQF1820Cecil Turquette10010024 Sep 201424 Sep 2014
AE5II15292KC Copley3313 May 2020
AF4K1879Bry Carling1112 Jun 2019
K2FW20151Steve Bockman5505 Apr 2020
K3ESE19100Lloyd Lachow111123 Mar 2020
K4ISW13162Lee Moyer3327 Mar 2020
K5KV1952Benny Owens494903 May 2020
K7VM3070Craig Weygandt1103 May 2020
K9GVM21171Nick Andrews1125 Nov 2019
KA8HFN2046Larry Fridley564114 Feb 2020
KC5F21092Steve Smith7720 May 2020
KJ4BQS20999Derek Hansen2220 May 2020
KJ7GNB20930Bill Hunt8823 Apr 2020
KN4IXU18215Rob Christian141308 Jul 2019
KW4GF14209Ed Gibbs1108 Mar 2019
N4TMM14467Jim Ewing3301 May 2020
N5IR12357Bill Billingsley787820 May 2020
N5KIP3755Dick Burroughs1130 May 2020
ND9M8233Jim Clary4407 Dec 2019
W1TAG15461John Andrews4423 Mar 2020
W2OZB17177Philip Bartash5503 May 2020
W4LSV2795Barry Fluxe3320 Jun 2019
W6JIM15169Jim Crites5520 May 2020
W6RKE12450Jerry Finn11920 May 2020
WA4FAT11062Bill Levey343420 May 2020
WB0B8753Larry Newby7712 May 2020
WB8SCT15511Jack Gerbs1125 Nov 2019
WD6TED21371Ted Thompson1116 Apr 2020

To see each participant's latest log, visit the entrants' log page here.