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The SKCC High Band Operating event is Monthly activity during the summer months.

This is not a contest, but a time to look for contacts on the 15, 12, 10 and 6 meter bands. The sporadic e-layer propagation season generally runs from late spring into summer. This is a time when you can make contacts on the high bands even if there are no sunspots or F-layer propagation. Es (e-layer ionization clouds) are unpredictable and can come and go multiple times during the day.

Since e-layer propagation is often not present, it is a good idea to check the online maps to see if the current conditions appear to be favorable for your location. Two sites that you may want to use are G7IZU’s page and DXMaps page . G7IZU excludes FT8 contacts from the map. If you use DXMaps open the Modes/Props tab and make sure that Digital is unchecked.

These sites map contacts from the dx clusters and show the possible location of E-layer ionization clouds based on the assumption that there must be a cloud halfway between the two stations to support the contact. If the map shows favorable ionization clouds, you may have propagation to areas that are on the opposite side of the cloud about the same distance from the cloud as you.

The SKCC Sked Page is an excellent way to find stations to work or to post the frequency where you are calling cq.

Since this is not a contest there is no formal reporting, however I would really appreciate an email letting me know how you did on the high bands along with your comments.

Good luck! Dan K0FD 15034S