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Straight Key Sprint Asia (SKSA)

The SKSA is modeled after the SKSE Eurosprint event, but with a focus on our Pacific region members. All amateur radio operators are invited to participate regardless of their location or membership status. Also be sure to browse scores, comments, greetings & station photos at the SKSA Results link above.

The 2-hour SKSA occurs on the SECOND Friday UTC of Every Month from 2200z – 2359z (Saturday morning in Western Pacific time zones).

For 2023

January 13th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
February 10th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
March 10th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
April 14th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
May 12th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
June 9th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
July 14th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
August 11th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
September 8th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
October 13th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
November 10th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359
December 8th (FRI)
UTC 2200-2359

Please address any questions or comments to the SKSA Manager.

SKSA Rules and Scoring

Here are the General Rules and scoring for SKSA. These General Rules may be superseded by special rules and scoring associated with a particular SKSA event.


The SKSA is open to all licensed amateurs in all continental regions. As per Club policy, SKCC Members must use straight keys, sideswipers, or bugs (unless waiver granted) as described SKCC Key Policy. Non members may use electronic paddle keys and keyers but are encouraged to operate with any of the three traditional key types that SKCC members use.

Suggested Frequencies:

Non-WARC HF bands only. The following suggested frequencies (+/- 5 kHz) are typically used in SKCC activities:

     160M: 1813.5 kHz
      80M: 3550 kHz
      40M: 7038 kHz (Recommended)
      20M: 14050 kHz
      15M: 21050 kHz (Recommended)
      10M: 28050 kHz
       6M: 50090 kHz


Participants are allowed to use the SKCC SkedPage or other spotting aids for finding contacts.


Participants should call "CQ SKS". Or reply to such calls at comparable speed.
Exchange RST, SPC, NAME, SKCC NR. Example: 569 JPN HIRO 22608C
Please send real RST, not a fake “599”.
SPC is your US State, Canadian Province, or other Country abbreviation. (Japan is JPN; Australia is AUS; New Zealand is NZL; etc. See SPC codes here..
Non-members send “NONE” for SKCC Nr.

Entry Categories:

Single-Operator: QRPp 1W or less, QRP 5W or less, QRO 100W or less, QRO+ > 100W.
Multi-Operator: Two or more operators operating two or more co-located transmitters, any power.


Each unique QSO counts as 1-point. You may count contacts with the same station on multiple bands, but only once per band. You also earn a multiplier for each unique SPC (State, Province, or Country) worked.

Bonus points are earned for working SKCC members who have C, T or S endorsements on their SKCC member number (Centurion, Tribune, and Senator). Each “C” member is worth 5 points per SKSA event; likewise, each “T” is 10 points; and each “S” is 15 points.

Please submit your QSO totals, optional comments and station photos by clicking on the "Submit Score" link at the top of this page. The link will be active during the 72-hour submission window after each event. Logs are not required unless the SKSA manager requests them.

If you are not an SKCC member, enter "NONE" where a membership number is requested.

If you need to correct your entry or later add a photo or comments, simply resubmit the entire revised entry.


Logs are not required unless requested by the sprint manager. Scores are submitted via the web submission page linked at the top of this page. Scores must be submitted no later than the Sunday following the event. If you discover a mistake in your entry after it has been submitted you can correct it by resubmitting the data, provided the time window for submitting is still open. When resubmitting, you must re-enter ALL of the data, not just the correction.