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Founded, January 2006
28,906 members strong
as of 13-Jul-2024

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SKCC Leadership and Support Team

SKCC Board of Directors

Gordon, N6WK, Director Emeritus (SK)

Ron, AC2C. Treasurer
Drew, AF2Z
Mark, K7MJG
Ted, K8AQM, Secretary
Randy, KB4QQJ
Doug, N3PDT, President
Cathy, W4CMG, Vice President
Rick, VA3FRL
Dave, W1DV

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Support Team


Brag Manager, Ron, AC2C,
K3Y Coordinator, Drew, AF2Z,
OQS Manager, Garry, VK2GAZ,
QSO Party Manager, Ted, K8AQM,
SKS Manager, Cathy, W4CMG,
SKSA Manager, Hiro, JJ1FXF,
SKSE Manager, Luc, ON5UK,
SSS Manager, Dave, W1DV,
WES Manager, Ken, WB2ART,


Senator Administrator, Ron, AC2C,
Asst. Senator Administrator, Phil, K3EW,
Tribune Administrator, Ron, AC2C,
Asst. Tribune Administrator, Phil, K3EW,
Centurion Administrator, Ron, AC2C,
Asst. Centurion Administrator, Phil, K3EW,
DX Administrator, John, W9GOO,
Canadian Maple Awards, Fred, VE3FAL,
Marathon Administrator, Cecil, K5YQF,
QRP x1/x2 Awards Manager, Fred, VE3FAL,
Prefix Administrator, Ron, AC2C,
Rag Chew Administrator, Mike, W3QT,
WAC Administrator, John, W9GOO,
WAS Administrator, Mark, NX1K,
Triple Key Administrator, Dave, W3NP,


Calendar Manager, Randy, KB4QQJ,
Membership Manager, Andy, K0AF,
Elmer Manager,
QSL Bureau Manager, Ted, K8AQM,
SKCC RagChew Newsletter, Ted, K8AQM,
Webmaster, Mark, K7MJG,
Asst. Webmaster, Ron, AC2C,