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Rules for the basic SKCC Tribune Award

1. Tribune is achieved when a Centurion makes contact and exchanges SKCC number and name with 50 different SKCC Centurions, Tribunes, or Senators, in any combination.

Note: For brevity, throughout the rest of this page the term Centurion refers to any member who is listed on the Centurion roster - they may hold a C, a T, or an S.

2. Both members in the QSO must be SKCC Centurions at the time of the QSO.

3. Contacts must be made using a straight key, bug, or side swiper. Waivers from this policy are possible. For details, see the club's policy on approved keying devices here. Contacts may be made on any amateur band at any time, including WARC bands.

4. Only contacts made on or after 1 March 2007 count toward the SKCC Tribune Award. Neither the SKCC Club Call (K9SKC) nor any special-event call sign (such as K3Y) will be accepted for credit for contacts logged on or after 1 October 2008. However, you may use the FCC-assigned call of the station operator using either of those special call signs, provided that you have not previously used that operator on the Tribune application.

5. Any member used to achieve the Tribune Award may be used only once. If you work AC2C as a Centurion and AC2C becomes a Tribune, you cannot count AC2C again. Likewise, if AC2C later changes his call sign, he is still the same member and cannot be used again. Hint: Use SKCC numbers, as well as call signs, to verify that your application is free of duplicates.

6. Multi-Band and Single-Band Endorsements for additional sets of 50 UNIQUE Centurions are available.

Note: Mark Glenn, K7MJG, has created a very useful chart showing the requirements for the Centurion, Tribune, and Senator awards that answers most common questions. The chart is available here: The Path to Senator

Additional (x2 and above) Award Endorsements

As stated above, the initial Tribune is the Tx1. Endorsements for contacts with additional unique Centurions, beyond the initial 50, are available for individual bands as well as for the multi-band Tribune award. Endorsements are offered in increments of 50 up through Tribune x 10. Applications for Tx2 awards require logs containing 100 or more QSOs in one file. Applications for Tx3 awards require logs containing 150 or more QSOs in one file. Applications for awards TxN require N times 50 QSOs or more in one file.

Additionally, endorsements for Tx15, Tx20, Tx25, etc., in increments of 250 will be awarded. Tx15 requires 750 unique centurion member QSOs; Tx20 requires 1000 unique centurion member QSOs, etc. Because of the length of the logs for the endorsement awards, the Excel or text format from one of the application generators is preferred. The Excel format template can be found in the prior Tribune Rules section. Here are the rules for endorsement applications and the process for evaluating them:

1. The log must contain no fewer than the minimum number of QSOs the endorsement requires. Extra QSOs on the application can be useful, however, if some of the others are disqualified.

2. The date the applicant became a Centurion will be verified.

3. For each contact, the QSO date is compared with the applicant's and contact's Centurion dates. To count, the QSO date must be on or after both participants' Centurion Award date.

4. Any mismatch in information will be noted in the reply to applicants.

5. All call prefixes and suffixes recorded during QSOs -- i.e. /QRP, /8, /W, PJ5/, etc. -- must be removed before sending in an application. The prefixes are not part of the official call signs maintained in the membership data base.

6. If the log contains enough valid contacts for the endorsement, it will be issued.

Multi-band (Tx2 and above) and Single-band (Band x1 and above) endorsements are processed by the Tx2 manager - email link below.

How to Submit your Tribune Award Application

The administrators process all applications on a PC. Thus, all data must be entered into a PC before processing can begin. If you maintain a log in ADIF format, many members use the SKCCLogger program to prepare their award application form in plain text format. The logger is available from the Member Services Section here.

If you are submitting based on paper logs, there are two downloadable application forms available for your use: a Word file and an Excel file. Both forms are fully compatible with the free Open Office programs.

If for any reason you are unable to submit a computer-readable application, please contact the award administrator before submitting your application to discuss alternatives.

Initial Tribune (Tx1) award applications are processed by the Tx1 manager and initial band (Band x1) endorsements are processed by the Tx2 manager - email link below.

Additional notes: We don't save past applications, so please use an application preparation program or form, such as the Excel form above, that will retain all of your previous Tribune and endorsement QSOs. This allows us to more easily check for duplicates or other errors. Occasionally, our updated checking procedures may catch an error in a section of the application already approved for a previous endorsement. Just replace the marked QSO with another contact with the same operator; most of us have had several contacts with the same member. Maintaining all QSOs on one form also makes it easier for you to check for duplicate entries as your list of QSOs grows. And as with the initial Tribune application, be sure to use SKCC numbers as well as calls when checking for dupes prior to submitting your form.

Lets make it FUN and keep it SIMPLE!!

!!!Attention to All Members!!!

When submitting award applications, please ensure your callsign and the word "Application" are in the subject line. We are trying to reduce our spam and increase the spam filter success rate.

All questions and submissions about/for this award and its endorsements should be sent to:

Initial TX1 applications go to Ron -
TX1 Band Endorsements, including all band specific applications, go to the TX2 manager Phil -K3EW- at

The TX2 manager for all TX2 and TX2 band endorsements and higher is:

Good Luck!