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Founded, January 2006
28,777 members strong
as of 22-May-2024

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SKCC Hall of Fame

The Straight Key Century Club Hall of Fame recognizes members who exemplify the ideals of the Straight Key Century Club. The Hall of Fame members are keeping alive the traditions of CW operation through their service and efforts for the club.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame have earned the recognition and respect of the Straight Key Century Club membership. Induction into the Hall of Fame cannot be refused and is irrevocable.

Let it be known, that the following members have earned Straight Key Century Club's appreciation and thanks, without whom the Straight Key Century Club would not exist or be as well-organized as it is today.


K0LUW - Russ Halbert #1702S - Centurion #42 - Tribune #4 - Senator #4 - Russ has provided valuable service processing Tribune awards requiring the submission of 100 or more contacts. He has continued to provided rapid processing and detailed status reports back to the applicants. Russ has served as the first administrator for the Senator award. Russ also has served as K3Y coordinator for call region 0 during several of the club's annual anniversary celebrations, held each January.

K9AAA - David Burk #270T - Centurion #61 - Tribune #1 - Senator #15 - David stepped up to the plate and took over the SKCC QSL Bureau when the previous bureau manager stepped down. David revived the bureau to full operation and arranged for a smooth transition of responsibility at the end of his tenure.

K8AQM - Ted Rachwal #1629T - Centurion #75 - Tribune #54 - Ted took the initiative to take over responsibility for reviving the SKCC NewsLetter - The "Rag Chew." The revised newsLetter has been very well received and is being published approximate quarterly, with special issues whenever there is sufficient information to include in them.


W5ZR - Bert Beyt #2931T - Centurion #145 - Tribune #67 - Bert has provided software tools to the membership to assist in tracking the various awards that are available. Bert has also created and provided a logging program specifically designed to be used in sprints and K3Y events.

M0TRN - Thomas Horsten #7344T - Centurion #614 - Tribune #501 - Thomas created and manages the European Sprint. Thomas also developed an automated web-based system for handling sprint and K3Y event results.

N1ABS - Pete Spotts #4853T - Centurion #336 - Tribune #215 - Pete took over as the club's webmaster and completed a very smooth transition taking over from another Hall of Famer, Bill, NT9K. He has converted the page to a modernized PHP format with a new and pleasant look.


W6SQQ - Roger (Al) Kepner #1283C - Centurion #176 - Roger is inducted in recognition of his continuing work as the SKCC Public Information Officer.

AE4LD - Larry Draughn #3090T - Centurion #353 - Tribune #228 - Larry is inducted in recognition of his work in making the SKCC NT9K Pro-Pump Key affordable for the membership.

AD5VC - Dana Browne #1555T - Centurion #50 - Tribune #36 - Dana is inducted in recognition of his support to the K3Y event as Area 5 coordinator and for his support to the webmaster with Perl scripts for the matrix search function.

K4OSO - Milt Coleman #180T - Centurion #24 - Tribune #57 - Milt is inducted in recognition of his support to the QRP Challenge portion of the K3Y Anniversary operating events.


KI6BHB - David Bilitch #4186C - Centurion #228 - David has taken over and is now the SKCC SKS Sprint Manager.

KL7GLL - Gene Buck #1098T - Centurion #101 - Tribune #29 - Gene has been working with the Weekend Sprint Awards and Statistics for several years.

W1DV - David Vittum #1433T - Centurion #36 - Tribune #7 - Dave has worked on every SKCC Anniversary Event and also for his recruiting efforts.

AF2Z - Andrew Kowal #2082T - Centurion #74 - Tribune #14 - Drew has worked on every SKCC Anniversary Event and also designed the K3Y QSL cards for 2008 and 2009.

N8CPA - Stephen Stirling #8 - The Halloween CQ Boo and his general promotion of the SKCC.


AC2C - Ron Bower #2748T - Centurion #128 - Tribune #51 - Ron is the SKCC Tribune Manager and is the Manager for the SKCC K3Y 3rd Anniversary event.

K9JP - Jeff Peters #3008T - Centurion #110 - Tribune #31 - Jeff is the Membership Manager and the Elmer program Manager.

K3UK - Andy O Brien #1325C - Centurion #249 - Andy created and maintains the ever popular K3UK SKCC Sked Page.

N2JNZ - George Osier #2835T - Centurion #109 - Tribune #50 - George is the SKCC WAS Manager.

KB4QQJ - Randy Drake #3508T - Centurion #142 - Tribune #81 - 1xQRP #02 - 2xQRP #01 - Randy is the SKCC Event Calendar Manager and K3Y backup coordinator for all areas.


NT9K - Bill Crosier SKCC #1926 - Centurion #69 - Tribune #9 - Bill created and managed the SKCC Weekend Sprint, which later became the SKCC Weekend Sprint-A-Thon. Bill introduced themes into this event, which make these events both fun and challenging. Bill is also our Webmaster for

K2RFP - Dick Pav SKCC #2099 - Centurion #59 - Tribune #18 - Dick has written several computer programs for the Straight Key Century Club membership; Awards Tracker, SKCC Helper add-in and K2A Mini Logger.

KJ7BS - Mark Saunders SKCC #2240 - Centurion #56 - Tribune #20 - Mark writes, manages, and publishes The SKCC Centurion, the club's monthly newsletter, and makes it available to anyone wishing to receive it.


K4VD - Kevin der Kinderen - SKCC #605 - Centurion #4 - Kevin runs the monthly SKCC sprints. He secured the club callsign, then the vanity callsign, proposed the Honor Roll and the Hall of Fame and continues to bring exciting ideas like the Elmer program to the club. His enthusiastic spirit and dedicated promotion of the club has earned him the honor of being the first SKCC Member inducted into the Straight Key Century Club Hall of Fame.

KC9ECI - Tom Peterson SKCC #1 - Without Tom, there would be no SKCC. Tom takes care of new memberships, gives out new numbers and works with the membership database updates.

KB4T - Frank Haas - SKCC #981 - Centurion #31 - Frank setup much of the Yahoo group and takes care of keeping the spam out of the message boards. He also coordinates the weekly SKCC HighER Speed Gathering.

W5ALT/YV1 - Walt Fair, Jr - SKCC #103 - Walt setup the SKCC forum software and the membership certificate generator.

KA3CTQ - Dan Rhodes - SKCC #2338 - Dan proposed, set up, and was the first manager for the SKCC QSL Bureau.

KI4CIA - Melinda Alsobrook - SKCC #2 - Melinda has served the past year as Public Information Officer and issues SKCC press releases.

W2LJ - Larry Makoski - SKCC #49 - Larry has put together the Centurion and WAS awards certificates for the past year. He creates them and sends them to Tom KC9ECI, to sign.

KB3DNZ - Sam Garula - SKCC #1749 - Sam is the SKCC Webmaster. He created and maintains the main SKCC website. He regularly posts updates to the website and works with the membership databases keeping the member search function current.

N6WK - Gordon Benjamin - SKCC #3 - Centurion #40 - Gordon provides the SKCC domain name registration and hosting for Gordon also regularly works with the membership databases. He approves awards applications and has acted as moderator for the past year.