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Straight Key Sprint Asia

New in 2024: BD Bonus Points, see below.

The SKSA is a two-hour contest that promotes manual key CW contacts in Asia. SKCC members and non-members alike are invited to participate regardless of their geographic location. This is an excellent opportunity to make contacts with ITU Region 3 operators.

SKSA occurs monthly on 2nd Friday UTC from 22:00z - 23:59z (Sat morning in Asian time zones).

2024 Events (Friday UTC)

JAN 12
JUL 12
FEB  9
AUG  9
MAR  8
SEP 13
APR 12
OCT 11
MAY 10
NOV  8
JUN 14
DEC 13

Rules and Scoring

Following are the general rules and scoring, which may be modified for particular individual events.


Licensed amateurs in all continental regions are invited to participate. As per Club policy, SKCC Members must use straight keys, sideswipers, or bugs as described in the SKCC Key Policy. Non members may use electronic paddle keys and keyers but are encouraged to operate with the same manual key types that SKCC members use.

Suggested Frequencies

Non-WARC HF bands only. Following are the suggested SKCC activity frequencies (+/- 5 kHz):

     160M:  1813.5 kHz
      80M:  3550   kHz
      40M:  7028   kHz*
      20M: 14050   kHz
      15M: 21050   kHz*
      10M: 28050   kHz*
       6M: 50090   kHz

* Due to the Region 3 band plan, the 40m frequency is different from SKCC's usual calling frequency. Contacts between Asian stations mostly occur on 40m. DX contacts are most likely on 15m and 10m.


Participants are allowed to use the SKCC SkedPage or other spotting aids for finding contacts.


Participants should call "CQ SKS". Or reply to such calls at comparable speed.
Exchange real RST, SPC, NAME, SKCC NR. Example: 569 JPN HIRO 22608C

SPC is your US State, Canadian Province, or other Country abbreviation. (Japan is JPN; Australia is AUS; - New Zealand is NZL; etc.) See SPC codes here. Non-members send "NONE" for SKCC NR.

BD Bonus Stations. You can operate as a bonus station if your birthday falls within the event month. In this case, please add "/BD" to your name to indicate your bonus status. Example: "HIRO /BD". Other stations will earn bonus points for their contacts with you. You earn no additional points (except by working other /BD stations) but will benefit from increased contacts and "HPI BD" greetings from other operators.

Entry Categories

Single-Operator: QRPp 1W or less, QRP 5W or less, QRO 100W or less, QRO+ > 100W.
Multi-Operator: Two or more operators operating two or more co-located transmitters, any power.


QSOs & SPC Mult. You may count contacts with any station once per band. Your QSO total will be multiplied by the number of unique SPC (States, Provinces, and Countries) you have worked. On the entry form please enter your total number of QSOs and the number of unique SPCs you have logged.

C, T & S Stations. Additional points are earned for working SKCC members who have C, T or S endorsements on their SKCC member number (Centurion, Tribune, and Senator). Each "C" member is worth 5 points once per event; likewise, for "T" (10 points); and "S" (15 points). Enter the total numbers of unique C, T, and S stations you have worked.

BD Bonus Points. See the Exchange section above. Those who append "/BD" to their name have a Birthday during the month of the event and are worth 30 points to stations who work them. Please figure the total number of /BD operators you have worked in an event, then multiply by 30 and enter the total points value on the entry form. If none, please enter "0".

Entry Submissions

Please submit the above totals as well as optional comments and station photos by clicking on the "Submit Score" link at the top of this page. The link will only be active during the 72-hour submission window ending Sunday after the event.

If you are not an SKCC member, enter "NONE" where membership number is requested.

If you need to correct a previously submitted entry or want to add a photo or comments, simply resubmit the entire revised entry within the 72-hour entry window.

Logs are not required unless requested by the event manager.

Please address any questions or comments to the SKSA Manager.