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Founded, January 2006
28,618 members strong
as of 13-Apr-2024

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family. Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO's!

Read below, some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Andy, K0AF SKCC #22366S


28597 - KA8QGN - Steve - Galloway - OH
Still hold just a Novice ticket and just keep renewing it. Have been inactive for several years but am itching to get back on the air on CW. My speed is pretty slow now, so hoping to connect with folks who are also down on their CW speed. I found my old CPO, got it cleaned up and cleaned the pots, bought a new key (lost my good brass key years ago). Also this club was recommended to me after posting on the MORSE CODE FANS group on Facebook.

28598 - K6YIC - Daniel - Eastvale - CA
General, I restore and operate vintage Navy and Marine Corps equipment and want to continue my mastering of the straight Key so I can use the vintage Keys from WW2 to Vietnam.

28599 - G4CFS - Glyn - Liss - ENG
I have been a licenced amateur and CW operator for over 50 year. I was also a professional CW operator with the RAF. I think it is about to I joined the SKCC. I hold a Full Licence.

28600 - AG6HC - Jeremiah - San Diego - CA
Amateur Extra -- I've been interested in SKCC since about the time I got licensed, but have been too much of a chicken to actually try out CW. I decided it's time to get over the hesitation and have ordered an inexpensive straight key...

28601 - KO4TCL - Tom - Athens - GA
Amateur Extra. I'm learning CW and I hear a lot of SKCC stations on the bands. I also need a good kick in the rear to learn this sideswiper. A friend let me try his bug which was not for me. I'd like the opportunity to learn.

28602 - K8XT - Ray - Barnesville - OH
Extra, I’ve been licensed 60+ years and enjoy CW and want to promote it’s use in its most original form.

28603 - DG9OBI - Frank - Eisdorf - GER
class A.
Find other beginner in CW to get more pratice and getting better in CW. Find stations with lower speed ;-)

28604 - K6TWM - Todd - Simi Valley - CA
General. I'm trying to improve my on air copying via live qso's and this "traditional" method seems the most logical.

28605 - W3NCK - Nick - Laurel - DE
AE / former commercial marine telegrapher-wish to regain a bit of my past experience back - My how things have changed from the late 70's in amateur radio - only a bug user. 73's

28606 - AF2O - Jose - Queens Village - NY
I am an Extra class licensed operator. I feel joining this club will help and guide me to becoming a good CW operator through the use of straight keys. I have always loved CW and all the different straight keys and bugs.

28607 - K5BBR - Bob - Lake Kiowa - TX
Extra, Learning CW and enjoying QRP

28608 - NB6M - Wayne - Mount Vernon - WA
Extra Class. CW is my favorite and main mode. I learned on a atraight key and SKCC activities will help me polish that old skill.

28609 - N7JI - Scott - Eugene - OR
Extra class, and use a sidesaddle paddle as a straight key from time to time for various reasons including our slow speed nets.

28610 - VE5REV - Jason - Moose Jaw - SK
Canadian Basic + Honours. I'm just learning CW right now, using a straight key as recommended by LICW Club.

28611 - KN4ZO - Dave - Sneads Ferry - NC
Extra Class, have been inactive for a while but am working to reacquire skills. Previous CW work was using Straight Key, and want to continue that way.

28612 - AE7ZH - Doug - Marion - MT
Extra Class.
I like getting back to the basics, just as I started out in ham radio in 1973 with a straight key. I am using a Vibroplex straight key currenly.

28613 - JF2FIU - Mark - Toyohashi - JPN
I sometimes want to enjoy manually operated keys.

28614 - VA3EKR - Scott - Oakville - ON
Canada Advanced. Done some POTA and want to get additional practice.

28615 - KN4BJQ - James - Rogersville - TN
Getting started in CQ with straight key

28616 - KD9ZHF - Jason - Chicago - IL
I'm a general, and I'd like to start listening to SKCC to help with my copy skills as I learn Morse code with LICW. I want to be fluent!

28617 - N7XDL - Dan - MURRAY - UT
General. It was suggested by LICW club to join.

28618 - KB7FDF - Richard - Peoria - AZ
Advanced-- just getting in to cw & I think this is a good place to learn & get help..