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Founded, January 2006
22,686 members strong
as of 2-Jul-2020

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


22633 - AA4XQ - Bob - Cupertino - CA
My dad (83 years old!) recommended I join ... he's been a bug/hand-key guy since the late 1940s, and got me hooked on CW as a kid. Would love to have a good reason to dust off my skills!

22634 - OE3TWH - Wolfi - Voesendorf - AUT
Join a community to support "pure" cw morse using mechanical keys

22635 - KJ6ROM - Trevor - San Carlos - CA
Learning CW with the Long Island CW Club.

22636 - KI5IVW - Jason - Frisco - TX
Recommend by LICW

22637 - W3IMD - William - Wake Forest - NC
To improve my straight key operating skills, to join the fellowship of other hams with similar interests and to take part in the various SKCC opportunities.

22638 - KD9OEO - Oreo - Wausau - WI
I want to learn CW

22639 - KD8HSH - Chuck - SOUTH EUCLID - OH
I want to become good at using the traditional straight key.

22640 - VE6YD - Colin - Edmonton - AB
love using straight keys like my British WW2 Mk3

22641 - S51LY - Martin - Golo - SLO
I started with CW not long ago and would like to join SKCC group.

22642 - KO4CUO - David - Norcross - GA
I've just finished learning the morse alphabet and am setting up a CW QRP rig. I'd like help making contacts and becoming a fluent CW operator.

22643 - KN4YOV - John - Sterling - VA
Learn CW

22644 - WA7KSJ - Ed - Yakima - WA
slow code and lots of it

22645 - N6XQX - Dan - Garden Grove - CA
I am going back to my roots. I was first licensed as a Novice (WN6LUN) back in 1968. I just bought a Begali straight key and I want to get proficient again.

22646 - WB8CFO - Ed - Independence - OH
I’ve been communicating with the straight key or bug for over 50 years, and love doing it

22647 - W1WI - Nick - Roanoke - TX
I send CW daily and build my speed. I have 3 straight keys

22648 - KC6HAI - Dana - Scottsdale - AZ
Getting back into ham radio and enjoy CW very much. I am also a straight key aficionado. Thanks

22649 - KD5MEJ - Joe - Charlestion - AR
i just starting to get into CW, you club sounds fun!

22650 - KB2MXI - Mike - Chateaugay - NY
Learning the code. Just passed the first CW OPS class, but with an iambic. Interested in straight key operation.

22651 - AP2SD - Masud - Lahore - PAK
I like CW mode, have over 500 CW qso, regularly use an old straight key for qso; and do not like automatic cw. In low propagation cycles, I have found CW to be very effective.

22652 - EA4AWM - Fernando - San Martín De La Vega, Madrid - ESP
I want to join the club to practice cw.

22653 - KK6KUR - Justin - Rockville - MD
I've learned basic morse code, and am interested in practical practice.

22654 - K8KG - Kevin - Adrian - MI
After 12 years away from Ham radio, the COVID-19 lockdown gave me an opportunity to get back on the air. I am enjoying the "rebirth" in simple and minimalist ways, it is amazing to me that I still remember morse code after so many years.

22655 - K4FZZ - Frank - Gulf Breeze - FL
Develop CW skills.

22656 - VA3IAW - Al - Port Credit - ON
Improve Morse speed without anxiety.

22657 - KI5GX - Shawn - Athens - AL
Relearning CW after 29+yrs away. Planning on an iambic paddle, but saw pictures of a Vibroplex Hand Key Deluxe and got weak in the knees :) Seriously, looking for additional resources to facilitate learning and building speed eventually, help choosing good/reasonably priced 'beginner' SKCC key, best CW operating practices, and some good ol' fun & camaraderie.

22658 - KK4ZKA - Fred - Alpharetta - GA
I want to get my morse code speed up to 15 wpm or more.

22659 - N8IJY - Glenn - Mount Vernon - OH
Getting started with a straight key.

22660 - KO5L - Rick - Santa Fe - TX
Love CW and would enjoy meeting others who feel the same!

22661 - W7MBP - Mark - Spirit Lake - ID
I am learning CW.

i am looking for freind all around of the word

22663 - KN4TKC - John - Hamilton - AL
Just getting started in CW and straight key just seems the right way to go, everyone I am watching on You Tube recommends joining SKCC.

22664 - W5NED - Neall - Albuquerque - NM
I have a passion for CW. I am taking the level 3 (intermediate) CWOps class in the fall. I have purchased a straight key and look forward to the challenge of using it.

22665 - WB6THE - Alan - Virginia Beach - VA
To help further the continued use of CW
54th year on the air, mostly CW
"Old Style" amateur radio operator wishing to contact other hams of the same persuasion.

22666 - KB6UMI - Eli - Ahwahnee - CA
Glad I found you folks! I am learning the code now and I’ll see (hear ) you on the air! Click it, baby.

22667 - VA3JF - Jim - Mississauga - CA
looking to build on CW skills

22668 - WB1LLY - Billy - Register - GA
I just started with CW and I'm looking to learn more!

22669 - KJ7DCZ - Jameson - Bountiful - UT
New to morse code and amateur radio. Working towards my first contact using CW.