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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


20219 - KD9FSJ - Mitch - Lombard - IL
I want to learn Morse Code
I have a key and a radio
And a HAM license

20220 - IM0QMA - Fabry - La Maddalena - SAR
Mostly transmitting CW , straight key with my home brew qrp rigs ( k1 and QCX Labs)

20221 - WQ6Q - Joe - Los Altos - CA
No comment provided by member

20222 - K3TJC - Bill - Rockville - MD
Recently returned to ham radio after a 50+ year absence. Have been elmering my 12 year old grandson, new ham KC3MSU, and we are learning Morse Code together. Many of the slow code operators I hear on the air are SKCC members, so we should fit in. My grandson still has a way to go before he's ready to have a CW QSO, but I will eventually have him join SKCC, too.

20223 - K8AEC - Scott - Mount Vernon - OH
extra class op interested in learning CW

20224 - K5KHK - Karl Heinz - Rochester - NY
Re-learning CW, and I am trying to get as much help as possible, and it looks like you have some interesting resources. Thanks.

20225 - AA2AW - Frank - Riverton - NJ
increase CW proficiency

20226 - KB0KDX - Gary - Fleming Island - FL
As a kid I remember watching and listening to my Dad, (KØQBR) now SK, work CW with a straight key back in the late 1950's and early 60's. CW has always been my main attraction to HAM radio since then. I enjoy CW very much and want to keep manual, straight key CW alive!

20227 - KE7KPI - Gary - Cheyenne - WY
I’m getting back into cw and SKCC looks like a good place to start.

20228 - KA3QPV - Denver - Oak Ridge - TN
Keep history alive.

20229 - W2ADW - Adrian - Hoodsport - WA
Improve confidence with CW skills.

20230 - KA4NIV - Maurice - Simpsonville - SC
To become more proficient in CW

20231 - G7MUY - Adi - Derby Derbyshire - ENG
To try and overcome my Dislexia with CW

20232 - M0SYS - Simon - Nottingham - ENG
Started learning Morse early December to honour my late grandfather who used it during WWII.

20233 - WB4IEP - Phil - Castle Hayne - NC
Always used a straight key on cw

20234 - AD5PJ - Edgar - Garland - TX
Becoming better in the sending and copying of morse code.

20235 - NR3R - Larry - Allentown - PA
Love the code. I would like to send and receive at the speed most SKCC operators use. I like my hand key and want to get more practice with using it. I think these monthly "contests" will be a fun opertunity to use code.

20236 - KJ7DWM - ART - Lynden - WA
Want to learn CW

20237 - KD8OAH - Mike - LaCrosse - WI
To become more active with cw


20239 - KM4LRH - Dan - Gulfport - MS
Want to learn and work cw on a straight key

20240 - K4TEP - Tim - Jasper - AL
Intereseted in CW

20241 - KE0IAV - Jason - Des Moines - IA
Don't have any CW gear yet. Working on getting it. Very strong interest in learning CW.

20242 - WW9H - Jim - Madison - WI
Get better at cw

20243 - VA2QCH - Andrew - Ottawa - QC
Seems like good incentive to keep learning morse.

20244 - W7NTR - Bryce - Gresham - OR
Learn CW

20245 - OZ7CK - Claus - Randers - DEN
To improve my skills

20246 - VK2FYMK - Nicholas - Sydney - AUS
Just curious...

20247 - G8SYE - Nick - Nuneaton - ENG
After 30 years off ive come back to Ham radio and its about time i learned morse !

20248 - G0MGM - Rob - BOURNE END - ENG
I have recently learned CW through the CW Ops programs and learned about the SKCC through other members so I wanted to join.

20249 - W6ZDR - Audie - Las Vegas - NV
I have shifted mostly to CW for mode and would love to have more CW qso's with other CW operators as much as I could.

20250 - VK2ICJ - Chris - Ingleburn - AUS
I love CW :)

20251 - WG9SMV - Chris - Carmel - IN
Would like to learn Cw and this provides an opportunity to work on improving skills and communicating with like minded individuals.

20252 - KC3ISE - Joel - Port Allegany - PA
To improve my CW skills, and to preserve the tradition of CW.

20253 - VU3BUN - Manu - Manipal - IND
Beginner amazed by cw and straight key communication

20254 - G4LKV - Ernest - Northam, Devon - ENG
Long time interest in qrp and CW with preference for hand speed sending and recieving.

20255 - KC5BG - Mike - Slaton - TX
i operate mostly cw, sounds like a fun way to get back to straight key

20256 - IU1GNA - Massimo - Genova - ITA
No comment provided by member

20257 - KC3AVY - Abby - Chicorae - PA
Im learning Morse Code and thought others that like Morse code would be a great learning experience

20258 - N3JJL - Joe - Lancaster - PA
Its been a long time since I used C W and I am very rusty so to speak and would like to become better at operating C W.

20259 - G7FVA - Rich - Paignton - ENG
I wish to join skcc to improve my morse

20260 - OA4DQA - Leonardo - Lima - PER
I have been slowly learning morse code for several months and recently began making QSO's with a straight key. I would like to be part of the many hams who enjoy CW. Thanks.

20261 - N8AHO - Jim - Massillon - OH
Learned code when first licensed, then I ignored it for years. Took a class at the local club to relearn .... now to get better. Main reason? QRP.

20262 - W7RIT - Scott - Oysterville - WA
Love CW. Returning to amateur radio after letting my license lapse 20 years ago.

20263 - AG8S - Jeremy - Willow Street - PA
Getting back into radio and cw

20264 - VA7TEV - Tom - Vancouver - BC
enjoying learning cw, looking forward to making contacts in a friendly environment

20265 - AI4RJ - Dan - Acworth - GA
It looks like a lot of fun and I would like to improve my CW.

20266 - N0KQX - Dale - Garden City - KS
New to cw . Want to start slow with a sk

20267 - KX4QP - Donald - King - NC
Morse is the heart and foundation of amateur radio. The Straight Key is the basis of Morse. Like my other equipment, I like equipment I *can* build for myself, even if I choose to pay for it.

20268 - AK3M - Mark - Bethlehem - PA
would like to use CW again but don't have the speed I used to have.

20269 - KI2N - Mark - Lafayette - NY
Fun. Improve CW skill.

20270 - G6NRH - David - London - ENG
am trying to learn morse and it would be great to know like minded people! and also help others

20271 - VE1ARN - Bob - Salmon River - NS
Just getting back on the air after a long absence and desperately need to brush up on my CW. This group sounds like it's just what I need. Especially since straight keys are all I ever used.

20272 - KJ7DHZ - Dexter - McCall - ID
New Ham, learning Morse Code. I love the straight key!

20273 - N8ART - Art - Pickerington - OH
get more active in CW

20274 - WZ0B - Bob - Halstead - KS
I want to do more qrp cw on my straight key to improve my operating skills.

20275 - KM6PQD - Eric - Campbell - CA
Looking for skeds and to have fun with CW!!

20276 - M0RPZ - Richard - Weston Super Mare - ENG
Learning Morse

20277 - G0BPS - Dick - Folkestone - ENG
I enjoy CW

20278 - 2E0PKK - PAUL - Southampton - ENG
Very new to c.w. been using an MFJ 464, but now prefer a
straight key at 12wpm

20279 - KB1PJ - David - Portsmouth - NH
I should have 60 years ago (but you weren’t there)!

20280 - K1IWZ - Jon - Randolph Center - VT
Learn to receive/send CW

20281 - N2IB - Doug - Lawton - OK
I love CW just don't a hole lot of it do to hearing and a friend/Elmer that is a member of the SKCC has repeatedly wanted me to become a member and works with me to get better at cw

20282 - KI5DPA - Mike - Mayflower - AR
I want a sandbox where I can play and learn.

20283 - W9KW - Jeff - Jackson - WI
Improve my CW

20284 - KE8LMM - Dale - Middletown - OH
I received my Technician in February, will test for General in June. My next step is learn CW before going on for my extra.

20285 - AG4E - Bob - Lakeland - FL
Learning CW code sounds like a great group

20286 - IZ3HIG - Sandro - Padova - ITA
i like cw

20287 - WM7X - Stephen - Kennewick - WA
Finally ready to get over the (imagined) fear and nervousness of CW. Funny, never really wanted to learn CW until it was no longer required! Hope to develope good skills and learn along the way. Goal is to be able to contest someday and once CW is a second language to me, be able to mentor someone in the mode as well. Thanks for the welcome, and i look forward to a QSO soon with many of you!

20288 - KD6WYH - Tony - Petaluma - CA
I need to practice and be involved, and help keep CW use in ham radio.

20289 - WR8RW - Robert - Taylors - SC
Fairly new to CW. Want to have the opportunity to work CW at a slower pace in order to build confidence in my abilities to read and send CW. Intend to us CW here at the house and outside (SOTA & etc.) on my X5105 and Pixie. Thanks and 73.

20290 - 2E0BFJ - Gary - Crewkerne - ENG
simply to keep practicing my CW.

20291 - NF3E - Luke - Oceanport - NJ
Trying to learn more code and was told this organization was very helpful and committed to keeping Morse code relevant.

20292 - KA0FYB - Dave - Two Harbors - MN
I have held a Novice license since 1978. I've kept it up to date with the FCC ever since. I am now working on my TECH and GENERAL tickets and I want to get back in to code. I learned it to get my Novice ticket. I want to use it again when I get one or both of my tickets next month.

20293 - KL7FHX - George - Austin - TX
I want to get back on HFCW. Long story: I got my novice ticket in 1964, and I enjoyed SKCW with a low power rig. Now, I am going on 82, and I need to reactivate my cw prowess :)

20294 - M0BPU - Trevor - Bexhill-on-Sea - ENG
I have always loved hearing CW and I feel for my difficult location it's the best mode of operation. I am also determined to become more proficient in the use of both receiving and sending and hope SKCC helps!

20295 - K8WWS - Bill - Middletown - OH
I'm interested in CW and have been bitten by the Morse bug.

20296 - K8BMA - Rick - Saline - MI
Hear loys of SKCC CQs so why not join them.

20297 - G4PFK - Graham - Birmigham - ENG
I want to get back into cw after a long break after operating ham radio after a 14 year breakand even longer from cw. A you tube video by Cliff N4CCB made my mind up to join SKCC.

20298 - KF5ZIM - Gregg - ROGERS - AR
Watched the Cliff N4CCB video and it got me hooked.

20299 - N0CC - Chris - Green Brook - NJ
I started out in the 60s in the ARRL traffic system. I’ve always enjoyed CW operation - traffic handling back then and contests . I was inactive for a number of years and am just getting back into it. My rig has a built in keyer but I want to get back to basics. I picked up a vintage Hamkey straight key and I’ve been practicing to get some of the rust off my fist. Joining SKCC seemed the natural thing to do.

20300 - KF7GNY - Brion - Ogden - UT
always wanted to learn/use morse code; now learning and want use my skill without having to worry about finding myself doing QSO with hams using paddles and keyers

20301 - 2E0AAO - Stephen - Stoke On Trent - ENG
Hi. I am learning very on straight key as I feel this is the right way to start the old fashioned way. I want to be a good courteous cow operator and feel this club will help me to achieve this. Kind Regards Stephen

20302 - VK2ZRD - Rod - Milton - AUS
Learning CW and thought that being a member would be a good way to improve my CW skills.

20303 - KI7AAY - Sam - Ashon - WA
No comment provided by member

20304 - G4XYW - Andy - Sandhurst - ENG
To improve my very rusty CW.

20305 - LZ1VKI - Valyo - Sliven - BUL
No comment provided by member

20306 - AD5LX - Richard - Arlington - TX
I heard qrpschool talk about skcc on his youtube channel. Sounds like fun and like it could help me get better at cw.

20307 - WH6EDP - Glen - Kailua Kona - HI
Want to learn cw in a real world Environment

20308 - HB9FKF - Thomas - Basel - SUI
I love morse code.

20309 - N5RWF - Richard - Fort Cobb - OK
To help keep the art of CW alive. Although I am still learning.

20310 - AF0U - Josh - Eau Claire - WI
I got a taste of straight-key operation during a recent SKCC event by setting my iambic paddle into straight-key mode on the rig; while not an ideal input device, that inspired me to acquire a proper key. I look forward to participating in similar future events with other members.

20311 - KA5WHO - Dale - Wolfeboro - NH
Been a ham since the 80's.but not much cw.Want to give it a try agn.Tnx/dale/ka5who

20312 - N0PBR - John - Kirkland - WA
Got my General in December and want to learn CW for QRP and SOTA.

20313 - K4PMV - Jim - Bowling Green - KY
Get back to basics, improve my skill and just enjoy radio again. !

20314 - W6WU - Steve - Westminster - MD
To improve CW skills.

20315 - WA4VYK - Phillip - Lexington - KY
I enjoy CW and using the key.

20316 - WB7ATA - Arturo - Scottsdale - AZ
Like to go back and do cw again.

20317 - W8RZN - Fran - Toledo - OH
Saw a video about weekend sprints. Just starting with CW and looking for slower contacts at the moment. Sounds like Fun

20318 - KG7WLD - Chris - Portland - OR
I am just entering the world of CW and am very excited to log some QSO's! I feel that this is a great way to honor my grandfather (formerly G3GSN of the United Kingdom) by using his straight key while simultaneously improving on my sending and receiving.

20319 - KB6HCU - Wayne - Chesterfield - VA
To increase my CW ability.

20320 - K0LAF - Charles - Republic - MO
Just want to join in the fun.

20321 - W6OAH - David - Apple Valley - CA
Want to get better at Morse Code

20322 - N5OLA - Will - South Padre Island - TX
I'm almost entirely a CW guy (always on a straight key) and eager to swap numbers/contacts with other SKCC members.

20323 - WA4EMN - Eric - Sun City Center - FL
Just learning CW and hope to be able to participate

20324 - N9SES - AYMAN - Lake Station - IN
No comment provided by member

20325 - K2OSU - Jack - La Fargeville - NY
My hope is SKCC will help me become a better CW operator.

20326 - AE5HU - Randy - Wills Point - TX
Would like to participate in the sprints and improve my CW skills.

20327 - KC3MHQ - Adam - King Of Prussia - PA
Want to learn and advance in use of straight key. I enjoy the purist aspect and historical value is straight key. I want to get better in CW.

20328 - M6VCJ - CJ - Loughborough - ENG
New(ish) Ham. First attached to the hobby after a visit to Bletchley Park & learned how morse code communications were intercepted, decoded, then decrypted. Want to experience the "fundamental" mode.

20329 - 2E0HXE - Simon - Ashford - ENG
No comment provided by member

20330 - ON7IVE - Ive - Mol - BEL
No comment provided by member

20331 - CT1JQC - Pedro - Lisbon - POR
I'm a former navy radio operator, and a HAM radio. I really just love straight key operation! I remember we used to know who was the other operator, based on de type of dots and dats of the other OM! 73s from Portugal

20332 - W0FTP - Bill - Centennial - CO
Be nice to have a skcc number.

20333 - N3DJO - Dale - Warner Robins - GA
I am a Morse enthusiast who wants to copy and send by hand. Recommended by N4CCB.

20334 - N4EWN - Larry - Titusville - FL
Long time ham (1957), try to keep up with the hobby. Use straight key for every QSO. Key is my original from novice days.

20335 - WA5H - Jack - Pelahatchie - MS
need to work my speed up and get back into ham radio

20336 - WB8YUG - Dan - Spencer - WV
enjoyed cw as a novice, want to get back into it. also like straight keys over automatics 73...WB8YUG

20337 - KC9WOM - John - Fort Wayne - IN
No comment provided by member

20338 - KB9ON - Jim - PLAINFIELD - IL
i like the idea that you don't have do CW fast i remember when i first got my Ticket and i always got my interest back in ham radio by switching modes like CW. Thank You 73

20339 - KD2SAM - Dave - Piscataway - NJ
Learn and improve cw skills

20340 - WW5A - Ken - Littleton - CO
Ancient CW operator :)

20341 - AE3M - John - Frederick - MD
Sounds like fun. I used a straight key exclusively for many many years!

20342 - AL7PS - AL7PS - LODI - CA

20343 - KN4GFG - Charles - HINESVILLE - GA
New to C W

20344 - N4KTN - John - Dover - TN
To keep proficiency with code.

20345 - N5EEI - Dave - Pegram - TN
No comment provided by member

20346 - KB3TIJ - Dean - Williamsport - PA
improve my cw skills

20347 - W7VQ - Rick - North Salt Lake - UT
Getting back into Morse Code and want to meet others with the same interest. It's one more mode to have in my tool box.

20348 - N5YW - Weldon - SOUTHAVEN - MS
No comment provided by member

20349 - N5HSH - Bob - Alamogordo - NM
Slow code for practice

20350 - HB9CPS - Geo - Faellanden - SUI
Hope to participate in the WES contests.

20351 - KI7BJS - Bill - Pocatello - ID
I like antiquity of single key use

20352 - KN4WOW - Ed - Wakulla Springs - FL
I am new to ham Radio and I am interested in QRP CW. I watched some beginner videos on Youtube and your group was recommended for learning code.

20353 - KD6GBY - Arthur - Sacramento - CA
New to CW and want to contact other newbies for practice and fun

20354 - N6PJ - TONY - TWAIN HARTE - CA
Trying to learn CW

20355 - W1DH - Doug - Warren - RI
Invited by other SKCC members on the air. Looking to become more proficient with my copy speed.

20356 - KE0SSV - Dan - Charles City - IA
I want to make contact with other CW hams. I have been a ham less than one year and am currently taking the CW Academy Level 1 course.

20357 - N8TIV - Skip - Jacksonville - FL
Would like to learn morse so I can try CW. Still setting up a shack. tech licensed. IC-7100. Very new. Still need to buy a key