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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


20737 - KK4TSS - Chris - Louisville - KY
No comment provided by member

20738 - K4VMG - John - Katy - TX
Getting back into Ham Radio after a few years out. Originally from the UK where my callsign was G4VMG and also worked in Gabon as TR8JWH. USed to pound the key but lost the touch and speed so now getting back into it with a variety of keys. I was recently bequeathed a Vibroplex Champion from 1957 which belonged to a good freind who was a Radio Officer in the British Merchant navy where I was a Captain. So it felt appropriate to pick up this key in in memory. They eky is from my birth year too !! 73 John

20739 - KM4GC - Doug - Leesburg - VA
Sounds like fun and I want to learn to operate CW better.

20740 - WN4BIY - Lin - Greensboro - NC
Getting back into CW after many year absence. I’m slow but love the challenge and looking forward to slow speed saunter nights

20741 - CA3DPV - David - Santiago - CHI
Just learning CW

20742 - KS8R - Joe - Plymouth - MI
Just want to get more into CW.

20743 - N6SIK - David - Rio Rancho - NM
No comment provided by member

20744 - KK4LW - Rick - Dade City - FL
I want to get back into using code. Back in the mid 80’s I was able to copy 20+wpm but now I can barely do 7 wpm. Most members of my club don’t do code and those that do are doing 30 wpm and don’t want to slow it down.

20745 - KG9NF - Mev - Fitchburg - WI
10 years away from the rig. Want to improve my code proficiency. Do something meaningful with my life.

20746 - N1NAZ - Geo - Londonderry - NH
Improve my CW skills

20747 - KK6KPR - Mark - Atlanta - GA
Interesting in getting started with CW

20748 - M0XRE - Andy - Grimsby - ENG
Although I am Full Advanced Licencee I am novice when it comes to CW so wish to join and advance in this aspect of the hobby

20749 - W2HDY - Jim - Versailles - KY
I've been a ham for 64 years but not on the air for at least 30. I remember my novice year and after working CW with a straight key and I'd like to get back to that enjoyment. I'm working to get a QRP station on the air. Wish me luck.

20750 - KA0CWD - Dan - Chanhassen - MN
No longer proficient in CW, want to get back into code.

20751 - M7XYL - Mickee - Grimsby - ENG
To advance in this aspect of the hobby.

20752 - K0UOG - Alex - Denver - CO
Newly licensed general class operator, just getting into CW as part of SOTA and want to try SKCC

20753 - AD5VY - Ed - Rio Rancho - NM
I want to improve my CW skills.

20754 - N4UJ - Gene - Lilburn - GA
I have been licensed for 62 years (WG6AHH- Guam, 1957)and think that I would enjoy belonging to a group that supports "manual radiotelegraphy", although lately I have not been able to be on the air as much as I used to be. I enjoy using my straight keys and old bugs.

20755 - W9HZJ - Dan - Glen Ellyn - IL
I was originally licensed in 1975 as a technician, WB9SFC. I upgraded to a 13wpm Advanced, and then an Extra when the code requirement stopped. I lost use of my ability to speak clearly a couple of years ago do to mouth surgery, am recently retired, and realize that if I want to remain in amateur radio, my most fulfilling option is returning to CW as my full-time modern for enjoyment. I would like to join SKCC, to be a part of a group where I can make contact on the air with others who love the hobby and mode, and where I can improve my own skills, and help others to become a better straight-key operator. I changed my call about 3 years ago to W9HZJ, my silent-key dad’s call. Thank you.

20756 - K2EZ - Andrea - Sparta - NJ
Visited SKCC booth and got convinced. I believe it was Hamcation

20757 - AC8YH - Dave - Kentwood - MI
New at CW

20758 - TA3USS - Sirer - BURSA - TUR
To improve my knowledge and skills in amateur radio. Meeting new people.

20759 - VK3FAAF - Al - Morwell,VIC - AUS
I am learning CW to do my part to keep CW alive now that it is no longer a licence requirement.

20760 - W4KAC - Ken - Granite Falls - NC
Re-entering the hobby after an absence. First licensed in 1975, and was always primarily a cw operator. Having fun building speed again. Thanks!

20761 - KR7F - Drake - Issaquah - WA
No comment provided by member

20762 - KC4DEJ - Jon - Newnan - GA
Newly returning operator (after about 30 years absence). Very slow and rusty on CW

20763 - KW4TAT - John - Chapel Hill - NC
I obtained my licence a couple of years ago. I have always loved the science behind making home brew connects around the world. I am using a yaesu 857d as my only rig as I plan to ride the TAT and or walk the AT and activate mobile. SOTA is a goal of mine. Languages like Morse Code and its history intrigue me. (reading "Titanic. Signals of Disaster". White Star Publications). Not sure how many world wide operators there are but I hope to be among them! Thank you for organizing this club and promoting "slow key" events! 73 KW4TAT

20764 - KD6DXA - Zachary - Idaho Falls - ID
Longtime CW operator using mainly a straight key

20765 - WA8VIH - Bill - Orlando - FL
Used to be fairly proficient but hadn't really used morse since 1992 when I retired from the U.S. Army. Just got back into ham radio after a 30 year hiatus. Really need to become proficient in speed and especially procedures. Thanks and 73

20766 - VA6AND - Sean - Calmar - AB
Getting into sk cw.