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Founded, January 2006
24,259 members strong
as of 18-Apr-2021

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


24228 - IZ5FYC - Iz5fyc - Terrarossa-Ms - ITA
Good morning, I send the completed application to join your club SKCC- Best regard-73 -Bruno iz5fyc

24229 - N9RFO - Stan - INDIANAPOLIS - IN
Have friend K6FN told me about it. Learning CW have Bencher paddle and straight key.

24230 - WO0L - Lisa - Omaha - NE
First licensed as a novice in 1972. Cut my teeth on an HW-16, then soon after an HW-7. Still have both. Always been much more interested in cw than phone.

24231 - KL5BB - Amy - Palmer - AK
I'm a new ham, got my General in October 2020. I just joined Long Island CW Club. At my LICW YL meeting, first ever with this group, they all talked about becoming a member here. Since they all talked so highly about it, here I am.

24232 - K5MMD - Al - CEDAR PARK - TX
I'm looking to do more with a straight key in addition to using my iambic.

24233 - KC3DBO - MedicJim - Kittanning - PA
Anything I can do to be proficient in CW

24234 - KJ7IGZ - Jon - Phoenix - AZ
I never tried a straight key until this afternoon and made a qso using it. It wasn’t too difficult going from iambic to Straight. Lots of fun!

24235 - K8SAT - Jim - Portland - OR
reactivated a license after 50 years away. I enjoyed working CW and want to return to proficiency at it. Not really big on contesting at this time but things can change.


24237 - R2BDC - Marat - Moscow - ERS

24238 - DF6JO - Paul - Neuss - GER
Hi there, I am interested in operating CW with QRP-equipment using my straight keys. I hope to meet other members preferably at slow speed. 73 de Paul DF6JO

24239 - EA4JM - Juan jose - Eapaña Madrid - ESP
No comment provided by member

24240 - KJ7UA - Larry - West Richland - WA
Regain CW proficiency from 1970s.

24241 - IV3ICH - Alex - Tricesimo - ITA
I am an OM who has always practiced Cw.I would be honored to be part of your prestigious Club

24242 - VE3NCZ - Csaba - Guelph - ON
Recently learned CW, still learning, using a straight key, hoping to practice more on air.

24243 - KD2TOR - Maxx - Middlesex - NY
I am learning CW and I think that once I learn it completely, this will be a valuable resource.

24244 - W2TAC - Anthony - Cedar Grove - NJ
LICW member in Beginners 2 class and hopefully will be ready to get on the air in next month.

24245 - ZL4KL - Steve - Cambridge - NZL
Ex-merchant navy radio officer, ham for over 35 years. One of my prized radio items is a straight key from the liner QE2. Predominantly use Morse, I have an elbug but love dusting off the old straight key although I am not very active.
Listening to two members rag chewing so decided I would join for the fun and companionship of likeminded radio people.

24246 - DL1EIG - Hermann - Huenxe - GER
Hi there, i am interested in operating cw with qrp - equipment and using my straight keys.

I hope to meet other nice members.

24247 - K4RCG - Bob - Stanardsville - VA
Interested in CW. Licensed 1971.

24248 - KM4YZX - Chris - Sugar Hill - GA
Jim W4QO said I should while im learning CW.

24249 - W4IBX - Ron - Columbia - SC
Just learning CW and want to improve my skills

24250 - KA8FVW - Bob - Cuyahoga Falls - OH
CW is my preferred method. It is a more "connected" way to "talk" with another person. I'm an advocate for CW operation.

24251 - K2WCS - Christopher - Abilene - TX
to be a part of a tradition and have goals to work toward

24252 - K5WAN - Wendell - Covington - GA
To learn more about CW and to promote the art form.

24253 - K7QA - Tom - Missoula - MT
I have been a CW enthusiast for 65 years and still use a J38.

24254 - N8WTT - Gary - Inverness - FL
Renew my CW skills

24255 - KB1WFK - Mike - EXETER - NH
Get better at code

24256 - KD9MGZ - Rob - Churubusco - IN
To get encouragement and tips and to learn

24257 - PD5RV - Ric - Veenendaal - NED
I like to make contact and the start of communication is cw in its pure form. I learn cw now and know the alphabet a bit in morse writing.

24258 - K0ABH - Hank - Lincoln - NE