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Founded, January 2006
25,471 members strong
as of 20-Jan-2022

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


25390 - PA2G - Gerard - Capelle Aan Den IJssel - PA
Good afternoon,
I followed the complete courses at CWops in one year and find CW a great thing just like being in the books of Jules Verne it is for me a great journey of discovery and never expected that I with dyslexia could ever do this.
I wrote an article about it myself, maybe something for the SKCC?

25391 - WD8OYG - Dwayne - St. Leonard - MD
I operate QRP CW on 40M and want to support the organization.

25392 - N8FQY - Mark - Erlanger - KY
Want to get into CW.

25393 - AB5DY - Woody - Mckinney - TX
To gain more CW experience. I have been inactive since 1995 and need to brush up my code.

25394 - N1FF - Mike - Boston - MA
To improve my CW without a keyer

I love CW and QRP very much.
Kindly allow me to join the club.
Girish KJ

25396 - K1JD - John - Santa Fe - NM
I have enjoyed CW for almost 60 years and belong to other CW clubs.

25397 - N3NFU - Kevin - Baltimore - MD
I want to learn and become faster on cw. I love to see and collect old keys

25398 - N9JCA - Chris - Evansville - IN
I would like to join SKCC
to be more Active and get more proficient in CW Mode

25399 - W6KLD - Mike - Dell Rapids - SD
Good organization and events. Promotion of sk morse!

25400 - AA9BP - Barry - Mattoon - IL
Been putting if off, got a nudge from W9NU #1586

25401 - VA7SZ - David - Vernon - BC
New to CW, love straight keys, and want to join a group who will help elevate my skills. Here you on the air frequently and want to join in!

25402 - K9BFF - Mason - Plainfield - IL
I recently started getting into CW, and have built my own straight key and set of paddles, and really enjoy CW contesting.

25403 - NQ2W - Will - Lake George - NY
I enjoyed the January 2022 WES and decided to request a membership in the hope that I may enjoy future WES by giving out an SKCC number.

25404 - KE4OZD - Danny - Melbourne - FL
New to CW

25405 - VK2GBR - Phil - Newcastle - AUS
Am ex. Royal Navy Submariner Telegraphist. 1958 to 1969.

25406 - WI9V - Stu - Monroe - WI
Getting back into CW [Renaissance of CW]

25407 - K7MRJ - Adam - Cave Creek - AZ
Learned CW on a paddle for SOTA. I have a J-38 in the mail on the way to me. Very excited to learn on the straight key.

25408 - YO9JAZ - COSTIN - București - ROM
New ham here, learning and discovering CW.

25409 - KO4VWJ - Zane - Corryton - TN
No comment provided by member

25410 - WA0I - Randy - Marshall - MO
I mostly operate CW and often hear SKCC numbers being exchanged, so would like to have one to give out.

25411 - N0EKO - 10 - Las Vegas - NV
I'm new to CW and I want some guidance.

25412 - KM6LBW - John - Woodland Hills - CA
I am very new to CW and I want to learn more in time. I have been doing ft8 for some time and now I want to expand and do something new to me.
Thank you & 73 de KM6LBW

25413 - ON7ZH - Bernard - Villers-le-Gambon - BEL
The conservation of Morse code ... of course!
Retention of the use of mechanical keys (in times when electronics are king)
I would be honored to be a member of SKCC
73 to you all
Bernard ON7ZH

25414 - KO4UWU - Jan - Landrum - SC
I love using a straight key for communicating on Ham Radio. Tradition all the way.

25415 - KG7PLF - Jesse - Olympia - WA
I'm getting my General license shortly, and am excited to start learning CW and try to get some contacts around the world!

25416 - WB5YUZ - Dan - Taylor - TX
No comment provided by member

25417 - DM1AZ - Wavebreaker - Recklinghausen - GER
I'd like to join this big community because of its love to straight keys that my grandpa already used back in the days!
I received my license Klasse A on the 8th of January 2022 and I am now ready to start!
best regards
Andre, DM1AZ

25418 - VE5AAX - Ron - Strasbourg - SK
No comment provided by member

25419 - KC1OAV - Eric - Acton - MA
My local CW Friends group sponsored by the Billerica Area Radio Society club recommended SKCC and especially K3Y to improve my CW skills.

25420 - AE8CP - Larry - Whitehall - MI
learning code.

25421 - VE3CMR - Mark - Colborne - ON
No comment provided by member

25422 - W4KIK - Chuck - Findlay - OH
I'm learning cw and interested in all aspects of cw, I've joined LICWC and enjoy listening and learning looking forward at becoming proficient at cw and capable of interacting with cw users around the world.

25423 - DL5MB - Martin - Meine / Abbesbuettel - GER
CW is my favorite mode on HF. Even I use a keyer and paddles, I use straight keys for QRS QSOs.

25424 - KC3SLD - Kyle - State College - PA
I keep running into SKCC members on air so I thought I'd join too. Am I still allowed to use a paddle sometimes (but not log the contacts as skcc?) what is the etiquette there? thanks!

25425 - W5BMW - John - Buford - GA
Learn morse code

25426 - WA9ZZ - Anne - Deer Park - WI
I had my very first straight key QSO during Straight Key Night this year. The other op invited me to check out SKCC, so here I am! :)

25427 - K7ODS - Joel - Molt - MT
I want to further my skill as a brand new CW operator.

25428 - KE8OFX - Matt - Hurricane - WV
Very interested in CW, especially straight key operation. I currently practice with a J-37 while learning.

25429 - IU0EUI - Pietro - Genzano Di Roma - ITA
I wanna win my fear going CW :-)

25430 - W8HFZ - Tim - Uniontown - OH
Have always enjoyed cw. Have been off the air for a long time and have recently gotten back on the air. Need to bring up my code proficiency.

25431 - K0MJ - Martin - Topeka - KS
Love straight keying!

25432 - AA5VI - Bruce - Ruidoso - NM
Passed extra class in 1990 with code test. Would like to get back to being good at CW. I have a J38 key.

25433 - KG5FQX - Bill - Missouri City - TX
I've been taking a weekly CW class for two years from Phil, W2OZB, and am now putting theory into practice. SKCC comes highly recommended. I'm still slow, but improving! 73 de KG5FQX, Bill

25434 - M6BLV - John - Ellesmere Port - ENG
I have a love of cw and am always looking to make new contacts and learn from those more proficient than myself. I learned on the straight key, and it is always my goto key. Cheers John M6BLV

25435 - VU2MRM - MOHAN - Belgaum - IND
Want to get more knowledge in telecommunication

25436 - KN6PQF - CJ - Santa Clarita - CA
I am getting into CW and want to learn and make contacts.

25437 - W1AEZ - Ez - Holyoke - MA
CW Friends said to join cause it's a lot of fun...

25438 - KO4RUB - Nate - Apex - NC
My dad k9rdu is a member. I would like to be in the k3y month fun.

25439 - AA6XM - Brian - Benicia - CA
Just got my Extra and thought is was about time to learn CW. Drawn to it because of its pure and simple nature. Let the learning begin.

25440 - WA1LAD - Gil - Warwick - RI
No comment provided by member

25441 - KC3OWK - Bob - Newmanstown - PA
A beginner in morse code

25442 - KB1BCT - Dennis - Coventry - RI
Enjoyed the contest this month enjoy learning cw again

25443 - MW0INC - Ian - Swansea - WAL
I have had a life long love of radio, and particularly using Morse.
Only recently got into learning Morse properly after gaining my license. Have used quite a few keys, but always straight keys!

25444 - W0PP - Jerry - Springfield - MO
I first obtained my license as a conditional general while stationed in Chu Lai South Vietnam. I was a radio operator at a MARS station and the commander was an extry class so provided some of us study material. At the time we was rnning MARSGrams using CW at about 26 WPM so code was no problem. When I returned to the states I was selected for the U. S. Army Rotory Wing Aviator program so let my code speed drop out to pretty much zero. A SKCC member friend, AB0H, suggested I join since we've been working together tryinng to get our speed back up. 73 Jerry W0PP

25445 - NL7WK - Tom - Homer - AK
To work on my straight key skills.

25446 - EI6GN - Dan - 6 Str33eagh, Grange, Sligo - IRL
Morse code buff since 1962

25447 - KZ4J - Greg - Viera - FL
Recently retired and becoming more active. I operate exclusively on CW and want to join in more CW fun. I have a J47 key that does the duty for me. 73

25448 - KM6FJF - Leo - Daly City - CA
Learn/use morse

25449 - VE9ASN - Les - Grand Manan - NB
Looking for slow code frequencies! 73