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Founded, January 2006
24,556 members strong
as of 16-Jun-2021

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


24518 - W3JMT - Jim - West Chester - PA
1. Relearing CW above 5 WPM
2. Learning with my 13 yr. old daughter

24519 - W9SSN - Gus - San Diego - CA
No comment provided by member

24520 - W6EED - John - Redlands - CA
Just learning CW and I understand SKCC offers opportunities to work up from slow speed.

24521 - VA2KT - Christian - Orford - QC
I've got a Bencher straight key and somebody talk about your group.

24522 - K6NZH - George - Alameda - CA
Learned code from my father, W6NZH. WW2 Navy Radio Op, Amateur Extra, Commercial Radio ist Class. Have always enjoyed CW operation and would like to rekindle my participation.

24523 - WA2EDV - Tony - Locust - NJ
i love CW

24524 - N2EPE - Erik - Pittsford - NY
Just got licensed, very interested to learn cw. Bill Hopkins AA2YV recommend I join.

24525 - W3OY - Ray - Greensburg - PA
Just getting started in CW… made a contact because I needed W5M SES for a clean sweep. Participated in the CQ WW WPX contest and now I’m hooked.

In 43 years as a ham I've never had an HF contact of any kind other than CW. I have no interest in voice or digital modes. Learned Morse at an early age. Taught by my father the original K4ESG the way he learned in the signal corps. Got novice ticket at age 12 in 1978. Learned with a J-38 and was given a 1920's RR telegrapher's bug when I got my general class in 1980 by the op/ham that used it on the Southern Railroad in the 1920's. I've used it for 40 years.

24527 - N5IZU - David - Albuquerque - NM
Been a ham since 1978, never used any other type of key.

24528 - YD1FPC - YBDXC - Jawa Barat - INA

24529 - YD0AUN - IWAN - Jakarta - INA

24530 - YB1LBW - IRWAN - Sukabumi - INA
Gabung saja

24531 - ZS1JE - John - Cape Town - RSA
straight key is awesome

24532 - KS6KCC - Easy - Walnut Creek - CA
Club call to compete in SKCC team events

24533 - ZS5PG - Matt - Durban - RSA
Exclusively CW operator and love straight key.

24534 - W4BFX - Bryan - Montgomery County - MD
To learn the beautiful simplicity of morse code

24535 - KE3XN - David - Laurel - MD
To help promote the continuation of CW as a radio operating mode. Straight key CW is my favorite mode.

24536 - VU2LU - Ramesh - Bangalore - IND
I am a licensed amateur from 1989. Was inactive on CW for a long time and wish to restart now. I saw this as a great platform to restart and meet some great hams.

24537 - N8COO - Charlie, Mark - Grove City - OH
I've had a long term love of CW (Even though I don't claim to be that great of an operator :-)) and have recently returned to using a straight key and want to support that facet of operating.

24538 - EA5PL - Ferran - BENIARBEIG - ESP
Estoy aprendiendo cw y me parece muy interesante este grupo. "I am learning cw and I find this group very interesting."

24539 - KC8MRU - Jim - Wyoming - MI
No comment provided by member

24540 - M7KPO - Karl - Dunstable - ENG
I love the sound of morse code and being able to understand it... albeit slowly at the moment. I like this mode of being able to talk to people around the world. I prefer the straight key over anything else. I look forward to speeding up my morse and one day soon to have a QSO. Glad I found this site.

24541 - W4IRA - Marty - Murfreesboro - TN
New HAM - 1 yr, studying for extra; love FT8 but really started dabbling with CW and love it; got a cheap straight key and just doing best I can :)

24542 - G4VHJ - Julian - Epsom - ENG
I’m really enjoying CW with my old HK-706 and Kent straight keys. CW is my most used mode since I have returned to activity on the hf bands.

24543 - WA1WJJ - Dan - Oxford - MA
Love the CW mode and like to use my straight key.

24544 - VA7HA - Allan - Coquitlam - BC
I love CW & its the only mode I use.

24545 - G0BON - Ivan - Slough - ENG
Enjoy using a Straight Key, I have an old Lennart Petterson Swedish key

24546 - OE3IAK - Andreas - Wienerherberg - AUT
I only own straight keys. Why not!

24547 - KJ7YSL - Trevor - Henderson - NV
I recently returned to the hobby after a 25 year sabbatical. As a young ham my favorite mode of communication was CW, and I intend to be active in CW again. I happened across the Weekend Sprint today and thought it would be great to partake in future ones to brush up on my skills.

24548 - KG8RRY - Gerry - Massillon - OH